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On the 1st March 2017 I will finally, weather permitting, set off to row the Atlantic Ocean. Now I know what some of you will be thinking - ...

Saturday 18 March 2017

Goodbye Europe, Hello big wide Atlantic

Rose and the boys have passed the big psychological milestone of the Canary Islands and now head straight out into the wide blue (grey) Atlantic.
The good news is that, as they powered through the Canaries, they passed the 20% marker with over 1,300 km already rowed but the bad news is they have since hit headwinds and are finding the weather very frustrating.... it feels like there has been some let up as we can see some correction in their course yesterday. To track them 'live' (updated 2-3 times a day) follow this link:

Sunrise over the Western Sahara

Some tweets and updates from the boat:

Great feeling on Wednesday (Day 10) arriving into the Canaries, Ralph & Colin rowed 5.2knts Awesome!

Niall - Thurs 16th  - Tough couple of days with weather frustrating us at every opportunity. Finally cleared canaries but trade winds and currents currently operating in reverse which is very frustrating, again. Somebody up there doesn't like us.

Low point on Thurs 16th (Day11)  stuck in a head wind, rowing hard but only doing 0.8knts! - Colin

From Niall - Fri 17th (Day 12) - Happy St Patrick's day to you all. My first dry one for over 20 years! Fine here. Regime still very tough but the miles and days are racking up. Would be nice if the famous trade winds would blow but no sign yet.

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